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Relationship DNA Testing

All Samples tested by our AABB Accredited lab Partner for Accurate Results.

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Prenatal Paternity Non Invasive

As early as 7 weeks into pregnancy a Non Invasive Prenatal Paternity test will provide accurate results whether the alleged tested father is in fact the biological father of the baby.

Legal Paternity DNA Testing

Designed only for any legal matter such as -(Divorce Hearings, Child Support, Family Courts, Social Security)-Divorce Attorneys.


Paternity DNA Testing-Informational

Looking for just a peace of mind?  Look no Further! Get answers as early as 3-5 business days.

Grand Parentage DNA Testing

In the event the alleged father is not available or deceased, a grand parentage DNA test is the primary option to determine relationship.


Gender DNA Testing

Curious to know whether you will give birth to a girl or a boy? Get Results as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy.

Infidelity DNA Testing

Do you have reasonable suspicion that your partner is showing a lack of commitment or may be cheating.  Contact us Now if you have a reference item(semen stained underwear, used condom among other items).

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Avuncular DNA Testing

In the event the alleged father is not available,  an Avuncular DNA Test will determine whether an alleged uncle or Aunt is related to the other tested party.

Siblingship or Twin Zygosity 

A siblingship DNA Test or Twin Zygosity can determine relationship between two alleged siblings males or females.

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